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Lu Yu: Post this to Fengxin

Post This to Fengxin For Government Worker Gao

寄 奉 新 高 令
小 雨 催 寒 著 客 袍
草 行 露 宿 敢 辞 劳?
岁 饥 民 食 糟 糠 窄
吏 惰 宫 仓 鼠 雀 豪。
只 要 闾 阎 宽 棰 楚
不 须 亭 障 肃 弓 刀。
九 重 屡 下 丁 宁 诏
此 责 吾 曹 未 易 逃。
Ji Feng Xin Gao Ling

Xiao yu cui han zhu ke pao
Cao xing lu su gan ci lao?
Sui ji min shi zao kang zhai
Li duo gong cang shu qiao hao.

Zhi yao lu yan kuan chui chu
Bu xu ting zhang su gong dao.
Jiu chong lu xia ding ning zhao
Ci ze wu cao wei yi tao.


Post This to Fengxin For Government Worker Gao

Light rains hasten the cold weather, visitors display rain capes
Walk on overnight dewy grass, can this worker ever complain?
This year the hungry people have to eat grains from the distiller’s chaff
Lazy petty officials in the palace warehouses make the rats and sparrows rich and powerful.

You are the first to listen before punishing the accused
Then while they await your decision, you do not need any barriers, bows, or swords for you protection.
Several layers deep into the palace for reading imperial edicts
Our duty is to help the poor and simple to escape lives of hardship.



Fengxin: Located in western Jiangxi Province.

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