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Meng Haoran: Ask the Boatman

Ask the Boatman

问 舟 子
向 夕 问 舟 子
前 程 复 几 多?
湾 头 正 好 泊
淮 里 足 风 波。
Wen Zhou Zi

Xiang xi wen zhouzi
Qian cheng fu ji duo.                                                                                                                    Wan tou zheng hao bo
Huai li zu feng bo.


Ask the Boatman

Approaching sunset, ask the boatman
How much longer before we reach Zhejiang?

At the bend in the river, this is an easy place to drop anchor
Inside the Huai River it is still windy with heavy waves.



Huai River: Major river running from west to east, between the Yellow River and the Changjiang.



“The bend in the river” probably both literal and figurative.

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