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Meng Haoran: At Our Departing, Given to Wang Wei

At Our Departing, Given to Wang Wei

留 别 王 维
寂 寂 竟 何 待
朝 朝 空 自 归。
欲 寻 芳 草 去
惜 与 故 人 违。
当 路 谁 相 假
知 音 世 所 稀。
只 应 守 索 寞
还 掩 故 园 扉。
Liu Bie Wang Wei

Ji ji jing he dai
Zhao zhao kong zi gui.
Yu xun fang cao qu
Xi yu gu ren wei.

Dang lu shei xiang jia
Zhi yin shi suo xi.
Zhi ying shou suo mo
Hai yan gu yuan fei.


At Our Departing, Given to Wang Wei

Very quiet and solitary, while we are waiting
Everyday at dawn, go back to my place alone.
Go back and desire to find the very fragrant grasses
Do not want to part with my cherished old friend.

What government official can appear to help us
You know the rare places and music of this world.
Only can abide by the solitary and lonely
Yet must go home and close the door.



Wang Wei:  Very famous Tang Dynasty poet, painter and statesman. See this website for more about his life, times and poems.



Two of the most famous and well-regarded poets in Chinese history, Meng and Wang were in the capital of Chang’an together waiting for their results from taking the imperial examinations.  About twelve years apart in age, Meng being the older, Wang passed the exams while Meng did not.

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