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Meng Haoran: Climb a Mountain With Zhuzi

Climb a Mountain With Zhuzi

与 诸 子 登 山
人 事 有 代 谢
往 来 成 古 今。
江 山 留 胜 迹
我 辈 复 登 临。
水 落 鱼 梁 浅
天 寒 梦 泽 深。
羊 公 碑 字 在
读 罢 泪 沽 襟。
Yu Zhu Zi Deng Shan

Ren shi you dai xie
Wang lai cheng gu jin.
Jiang shan liu sheng ji
Wo bei fu deng lin.

Shui luo yu liang qian
Tian han meng ze shen.
Yang gong bei zi zai
Du ba lei gu jin.


Climb a Mountain With Zhuzi

Human affairs have many changes
From ancient times to now, achievements come and go.
Rivers and mountains: here remains a wonderful trace
My friends and I again climb up to this vista.

Shallow water around Yuliang islet
Cold weather, Mengze Lake dark and deep in the distance.
Yanggong’s stele is located here
After reading about his breadth of mind, teardrops fall.



Yanggong’s stele:  One of the “Three Causeways of West Lake” in Hangzhou. Today a large and very beautiful lotus-dominated park.

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