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Meng Haoran: Returning South to Go Home: Stopped By Snow

Returning South to Go Home: Stopped By Snow

南 归 阻 雪
我 行 滞 宛 许
日 夕 望 京 豫。
旷 野 莽 茫 茫
乡 山 在 何 处?
孤 烟 村 际 起
归 雁 天 边 去。
积 雪 覆 平 皋
饥 鹰 捉 寒 免。
少 年 弄 文 墨
属 意 在 章 句。
十 上 耻 还 家
徘 徊 守 归 路。
Nan Gui Zu Xue

Wo xing zhi wan xu
Ri xi wang jing yu.
Kuang ye mang mang mang
Xiang shan zai he chu?

Gu yan cun ji qi
Gui yan tian bian qu.
Ji xue fu ping gao
Ji ying zhuo han mian.

Shao nian nong wen mo
Zhu yi zai zhang ju.
Shi shang chi huan jia
Pai huai shou gui lu.


Returning South to Go Home: Stopped by Snow

I travel until I have to stop in the Nanyang-Xutang area
Sunset, see the capital of Luoyang in the distance.
Open country vast, spacious and empty
Where are my hometown mountains.

One plume of smoke arises from this solitary village
Frontier wild geese return to the sky.
Accumulated snow, everything level
Hungry eagles clutch frozen rabbits.

In my younger years, spent so much time with mental and literary pursuits
Focused on the meanings of phrases in the ancient commentaries.            More than once tried to secure imperial employment
Undecided, with shame, ponder the road that returns home.



Nanyang-Xutang area: Nanyang is a city in southwest Henan, while Xutang is a village of ancient canals in the city of Wuxi.

Luoyang:  Ancient capital city east of Chang’an (Xi’an). Therefore, it was known as the eastern capital.

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