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Meng Haoran: Send Off Du the Fourteenth

Send Off Du the Fourteenth

送 杜 十 四
荆 吴 相 接 水 为 乡
君 去 春 江 正 渺 茫。
日 暮 征 帆 泊 何 处?
天 涯 一 望 断 人 肠。
Song Du Shi Si

Jing wu xiang jie shui wei xiang
Jun qu chun jiang zheng miao mang.                                                                                   Ri mu zheng fan bo he chu?
Tian ya yi wang duan ren chang.


Send Off Du the Fourteenth

From our hometown, on the river that connects Jing and Wu
You go during the springtime rising river levels, making the journey easy. By sunset, after traveling far, where will your boat drop anchor?
Gazing into the far distance to the ends of the earth, my heart is broken.



Jing: Located in southeast China.

Wu:  Present day Jiangsu and northern Zhejiang provinces. This nation existed during the Zhou Dynasty, approximately from the eleventh to fifth centuries BC.

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