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Meng Haoran: Western Mountains: Seeking Xin E

Meng Haoran: Western Mountains, Seeking Xin E

西 山 寻 辛 谔
漾 舟 寻 水 便
因 访 故 人 居。
落 日 清 川 里
谁 言 独 羡 鱼。
石 潭 溃 洞 彻
沙 岸 厉 纡 余。
竹 屿 见 垂 钓
茅 斋 闻 读 书。
款 言 忘 景 夕
清 兴 属 凉 初。
回 也 一 瓢 饮
贤 哉 常 晏 如!
Xi Shan Xun Xin E

Yang zhou xun shui bian
Yin fang gu ren ju
Luo ri qing chuan li
Shei yan du xian yu

Shi tan kui dong che
Sha an li yu yu
Zhu yu jian chui diao
Mao zhai wen du shu

Kuan yan wang jing xi
Qing xing zhu liang chu
Hui ye yi piao yin
Xian zai chang yan ru !

Western Mountains, Seeking Xin E

Ripples against a small boat, following the passable water depths
In order to visit an old friend’s house
Sunset inside clear river water
Also admire this single fish

Deep rocky pool, can see clear to the bottom
Multicolored sandy riverbank winding back and forth till out of sight
See fishing lines from the bamboo islet
From a thatched hut can hear a spiritual book read aloud

With these sincere words, forget the sunset scenery
High and pure thoughts at the beginning of this cooler weather
Yan Hui used just one gourd ladle to drink
Wise men at ease and comfortable with simplicity.


Xin E: Another name for Xin Da

Yan Hui: A student and major follower of Kongzi (Confucius), who admired Yan Hui for needing only one bowl of rice and one ladle of water per day to express his following of a simple life.

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