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Meng Haoran: Writing About Master Kong’s Room

Writing About Master Kong’s Room Within the Cui Wei Temple, Southern Mountains

题 终 南 翠 微 寺 空 上 人 房
翠 微 终 南 里
雨 后 宜 返 照。
闭 关 久 沉 冥
杖 策 一 登 眺。
遂 造 幽 人 室
始 知 静 者 妙。
儒 道 虽 异 门
云 林 颇 同 调。
两 心 相 喜 得
毕 景 共 谈 笑。
瞑 还 高 窗 昏
时 见 远 山 晓。
缅 怀 赤 城 标
更 忆 临 海 峤。
风 泉 有 清 音
何 必 苏 门 啸!
Ti Zhong Nan Cui Wei Si Kong Shang Ren Fang

Cui wei zhong nan li
Yu hou yi fan zhao
Bi guan jiu chen ming
Zhang ce yi deng tiao

Sui zao you ren shi
Shi zhi jing zhe miao
Ru dao sui yi men
Yun lin po tong tiao.

Liang xin xiang xi de
Bi jing gong tan xiao
Ming hai gao chuang hun
Shi jian yuan shan xiao

Mian huai chi cheng biao
Geng yi lin hai jiao
Feng quan you qing yin
He bi su men xiao

Writing About Master Kong’s Room Within the Cui Wei Temple, Southern Mountains

Cui Wei temple inside the Southern Mountains
After rain, now reflections of sunset light
He has been for a long time in seclusion, sunk in deep and profound contemplation
With a walking stick, I climb up to this high place

Then go to the place of Master Kong
Now I begin to know his mastery of the brilliant and wondrous mystery
Two Confucian sects, although not the same paths
Yet we both share and harmonize with this area of clouds and forest

Two heart-minds share these joys and satisfactions
All day until sunset, together we talk, laugh and discuss
Return to my room, the windows are dark
Yet in the distance mountains the light of daybreak

My heart-mind remembers Chi Cheng Biao
Ever more so the cliffs at Lin Hai
Having the clear sounds of wind and spring waters
No need to go back and listen to the hermit madly singing in the mountains.


Southern Mountains: Mountains just to the south of Xi’an

Silence and mystery: The Chinese character miao (妙) means the wonderful, profound, mysterious as also used in Laozi’s Dao De Jing

Two Confucian sects: One path, followed by Meng Haoren, is called Ru: one can have a worldly job, a family and participate in the world. The other path is called Dao: followed by ascetics who have renounced the world

Chi Cheng Biao: A place within the Tiantai Mountains

Lin Hai: Between the large cities of  Ningbo and Hangzhou, in Zhejiang                    province

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