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Ouyang Xiu: By Myself Upon a Solitary Boat: (Slowly Walk About)

By Myself Upon a Solitary Boat: (Slowly Walk About)

独 自 上 孤 舟: 踏 莎 行 慢
独 自 上 孤 舟
倚 危 樯 目 断。
难 成 暮 雨 更 朝 云 散。
凉 劲 残 叶 乱。
新 月 照,澄 波 浅。
今 夜 里 厌 厌 离 绪 难 销 遣。
强 来 京 枕
灯 残 漏 永。
合 相 思 眼。
分 明 梦 见 如 花 面。
依 前 是,旧 庭 院。
新 月 照,罗 幕 挂
珠 帘 卷。 渐 向 晓
脉 然 睡 觉 如 天 远。
Du Zi Shang Gu Zhou: (Ta Sha Xing Man)

Du zi shang gu zhou
Yi wei qiang mu duan.
Nan cheng mu yu geng zhao yun san.
Liang jin can ye luan.

Xin yue zhao, cheng bo qian
Jin ye li yan yan li xu nan xiao qian.
Qiang lai jing zhen
Deng can lou yong.

He xiang si yan.
Fen ming meng jian ru hua mian.
Yi qian shi, jiu ting yuan.
Xin yue zhao, luo mu gua
Zhu lian juan. Jian xiang xiao
Mo ran shui jue ru tian yuan.


By Myself Upon a Solitary Boat: (Slowly Walk About)

By myself upon a solitary boat
Climb up the mast for dangerous long-distance views.
Difficult to wait for sunset rains
Break of dawn the clouds have scattered.

Cool breezes, leaves damaged and disordered
New moon, transparent waves shallow.
Tonight sick of waiting to depart for home
Difficult to endure this boredom.

Lay down to dream of my arrival in the capital
Fading lantern light and water clock drips.
Finally thinking of eyes closing
Lucid dream seeing the face of my wife.

Just as in the past in our front courtyard
New moon reflections, hanging curtains collected.
Beaded curtain rolled up, flowing towards dawn
Dream feelings dissipate like the distant and clearing sky.



With Ci poems, the title comes from the poem’s first line, and the title of the music appears inside the parentheses.

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