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Ouyang Xiu: Close to River Immortals: Second Poem

Close to River Immortals: Second Poem

临 江 仙
记 得 金 銮 同 唱 第
春 风 上 国 繁 华。
如 今 簿 宦 老 天 涯。
十 年 歧 路
空 负 曲 江 花。
闻 说 阆 山 通 阆 苑
楼 高 不 见 君 家。
孤 城 寒 日 等 闲 斜。
离 愁 难 尽
红 树 远 连 霞。
Lin Jiang Xian


Ji de jin luan tong chang di
Chun feng shang guo fan hua.
Ru jin bu huan lao tian ya
Shi nian qi lu
kong fu qu jiang hua

Wen shui lang shan tong lang yuan.
Lou gao bu jian jun jia.
Gu cheng han ri deng xian xie.
Li chou nan jin
Hong shu yuan lian xia.


Close to River Immortals: Second Poem

Remember the golden imperial room, our names chanted the same
Spring winds for the flourishing political elite.
Like today, the official insiders send the older ones into far away places
After ten years there was a fork in the road
Our reliance upon river songs and flowers came to nothing.

Heard you were lucky to be sent to Mt. Lang gardens and orchards
Even from tall towers cannot see your house.
In a solitary city, daily I face the cold and too much boredom
Your departure brings much sadness
Distant red trees and symbols of favor join the distant rosy clouds.



Mt. Lang: Literally means Wolf Mountain. Located in the province of Inner Mongolia, it forces the Yellow River to turn from north to east. Noted for its irrigated fields and orchards.

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