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Ouyang Xiu: Copper Lotus-Shaped Candleholder

Copper Lotus-Shaped Candleholder: (Roads Full Flowers)

  铜 荷 融 烛 泪:  满 路 花
铜 荷 融 烛 泪
金 兽 啮 扉 环。
兰 堂 春 夜 疑
惜 更 残。
落 花 风 雨
向 晓 作 轻 寒。
金 龟 朝 早
香 衾 余 暖
殢 娇 由 自 慵 眠。
小 鬟 无 事 须 来 下
呵 破 点 唇 檀。
回 身 还,却 背 屏 山。
春 禽 飞 下
帘 外 日 三 竿。
起 来 云 鬓 乱
不 妆 红 粉
下 阶 且 上 秋 千。
Tong De Rong Zhu: (Man Lu Hua)

Tong he rong zhu lei
Jin shou nie fei huan.
Lan tang chun ye yi
Xi geng can.

Luo hua feng yu
Xiang xiao zuo qing han.
Jin gui zhao zao
Xiang qin yu nuan
Ti jiao you zi yong mian.

Xiao huan wu shi xu lai huan
He po dian chun tan.
Hui shen huan, que bei ping shan.
Chun qin fei xia
Lian wai ri san gan.

Qi lai yun bin luan
Bu zhuang hong fen
Xia jie qie shang qiu qian.


Copper Lotus-Shaped Candleholder: (Roads Full of Flowers)

Copper lotus-shaped candleholder catches melted wax
Doorknocks of two golden animals connected by large rings.
Quiet uncertainty pervades her orchid room this spring evening
Too bad these sleepless nights take their toll.

Fallen flowers from the wind and rain
A slight chill arises with the approaching dawn.
He left to go outside before daybreak
Fragrant quilts still warm.

Delicate and dainty, she is naturally weary and lazy
With small hairbuns and lacking tasks, the servant girl calls out for her to arise.
Then exhales on the wingceltis lipstick so it can warm up and be applied
Slowly coming to life, yelled at the girl and retreated behind a screen full of mountains and Chinese calligraphy.

Spring birds fly down to find a nesting site
Curtains raised, sun at the late morning marker.
Out of bed, temple hair fluffy and chaotic
Yet to put on her make-up and red powder
Down the steps to get into her garden swing.

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