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Ouyang Xiu: Fragrant Cheeks: (Evening Travels By Boat)

Fragrant Cheeks: (Evening Travels By Boat)

香 腮: 夜 行 船
轻 捧 香 腮 低 枕。
眼 波 媚, 向 人 相 浸。
徉 娇 佯 醉 索 如 今
这 风 情, 怎 教 人 禁。
却 与 和 衣 推 未 寝。
低 声 地, 告 人 休 恁。
月 夕 花 朝 不 成 虚 过
芳 年 嫁 君 徒 甚。
Xiang Sai: (Ye Xing Chuan)

Qing peng xiang sai de zhen.
Yan bo mei, xiang ren xiang jin.
Yang jiao yang zui suo ru jin
Zhe feng qing, zen jiao ren jin

Que yu he yi tui wei qin.
Di sheng di, gao ren xiu nen.
Yue xi hua zhao bu cheng xu guo
Fang nian jia jun tu shen.


Fragrant Cheeks: (Evening Travels By Boat)

Fragrant cheeks lightly hold a pillow with both hands
Shy eyes on attractive faces, they soak each other up.
Today abundant tenderness, abundant drunkenness
How he can teach her love’s prohibitions, directing her movements.

Not yet asleep, he has other affairs planned for the day, must hold onto his clothes
She tells him, do not care about these earthly callings.
Moonset, her flowers await a new dawn and cannot waste this precious time
Her marriage is not for the outside, our prime years are for love.



Fragrant cheeks: their wedding day.

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