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Ouyang Xiu: Jade Tower in Spring: No. 1

Jade Tower in Spring: No. 1

玉 楼 春
 风 迟 日 媚 烟 光 好。
绿 树 依 依 芳 意 早。
年 华 客 易 即 凋 零
春 色 只 宜 长 恨 少。
池 塘 隐 隐 惊 雷 晓。
柳 眼 未 开 梅 萼 小。
尊 前 贪 爱 物 华 新。
不 道 物 新 人 渐 老。


Yu Lou Chun


Feng chi ri mei yan guang hao
Lu shu yi yi fang yi zao
Nian hua yu yi ji diao ling
Chun se zhi yi chang hen shao.

Chi tang yin yin jing lei xiao.
Liu yan wei kai mei e xiao.
Zun qian tan ai wu hua xin
Bu dao wu xin ren jian lao.


Jade Tower in Spring: No. 1

Slow breeze, fine landscape with charming mists and sunlight
Green trees swaying in the wind, fragrances anticipate the dawn
Years go by, things easily fall down and scatter about
Resent a little, these spring colors that last only for a short time.

Thunder at dawn startles those around ponds and embankments.
Willow buds not yet open, plum blossom calyxes small.
Covet the wine vessel, love the fresh and radiant
Without intent, new things flow into being old things.



Jade Tower: This structure was built in the western capital city of   Chang’an during the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD).

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