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Ouyang Xiu: Nearby My Gate: (Proud Fishing Households)

Nearby My Gate: (Proud Fishing Households)

近 日 门 :(渔 家 傲)
近 日 门 前 溪 水 涨。
郎 船 几 度 偷 相 访。
船 小 难 开 红 斗 帐。
无 计 向。
合 欢 影 里 空 惆 怅。
愿 妾 身 为 红 菡 萏。
年 年 生 在 秋 江 上。
更 愿 郎 为 花 底 浪。
无 隔 障。
随 风 逐 雨 长 来 往。
Jin Ri Men: (Yu Jia Ao)

Jin ri men qian xi shui zhang.
Lang chuan ji du tou xiang fang.
Chuan xiao nan kai hong dou zhang.
Wu ji xiang.

He huan ying li kong chou chang.
Yuan qie shen wei hong han dan.
Nian nian sheng zai qiu jiang shang
Geng yuan lang wei hua di lang.
Wu ge zhang.
Sui feng zhu yu chang lai wang.


Nearby My Gate: (Proud Fishing Households)

Nearby my gate, small stream waters swell out front
Several times we steal away seeing each other from his rowboat.
His small boat makes intimacy difficult behind the red curtains
We are without satisfying our plan.

Joyful flowers unable to touch, disappointment and sorrows inside the shadows
She hopes to be a red lotus, and live a conjugal life.
Every year buds emerge upon the autumn river
Hope he returns with the new flowers bobbing on the waves.
Without an anchor, they flow back and forth
Although the wind follows the rain, he too will arrive.

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