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Ouyang Xiu: Picking Mulberries: No. 7

Picking Mulberries: No. 7

荷 花 开 后 西 湖 好
载 酒 来 时。
不 用 旌 旗。
前 后 红 幢 绿 盖 随。
画 船 撑 入 花 深 处
香 泛 金 卮。
烟 雨 微 微。
一 片 笙 歌 醉 里 归。


Cai Sang Zi


He hua kai hou xi hu hao
Zai jiu lai shi
Bu yong jing qi
Qian hou hong chuang lu gai sui.

Hua chuan cheng ru hua shen chu
Xiang fan jin zhi
Yan yu wei wei
Yi pian sheng ge zui li gui.

Picking Mulberries: No. 7

Blooming lotus flowers, West Lake beautiful
The season to arrive carrying wine.
Do not need those with multi-colored streamers
In the front and back, flowers like red pennants, followed
by green canopies.

Punted, painted boats enter deeply into the flowers
Fragrances floating, including the wine vessel
Mists and rain very light and faint
Brief playing and singing songs, return home drunk.



This particular West Lake is located in the province of Anhui, near the city of Buyang.  Ouyang Xiu acknowledges that this lake and area are famous for it’s beauty and history of inspiring poems. He wants to add to these poetical acclaims. He was working in Yangzhou, and is a little bit anxious about his new government position.

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