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Ouyang Xiu: Proud Fishing Households (No. 8): Eighth Month

Proud Fishing Households (No. 8): Eighth Month

玉 楼 春
八 月 秋 高 风 历 乱。
衰 兰 败 芷 红 莲 岸。
皓 月 十 分 光 正 满。
清 光 畔。
年 年 常 愿 琼 筵 看。
社 近 愁 看 归 去 燕。
江 天 空 阔 云 容 漫。
宋 玉 当 初 情 不 浅。
成 幽 怨。
乡 关 千 里 危 肠 断。
Yu Jia Ao


Ba yue qiu gao feng li luan.
Shuai lan bai zhi hong lian an.
Hao yue shi fen guang zheng man.
Qing guang pan.
Nian nian chang yuan qiong yan kan.

She jin chou kan gui qu yan.
Jiang tian kong kuo yun rong man.
Song yu dang chu qiang bu qian.
Cheng you yuan.
Xiang guan qian li wei chang duan.


Proud Fishing Households: (No. 8) Eighth Month

Eighth month, high skies and wind from all directions.
Declining orchids, spoiling lakeside Dahurian and red lotus roots.
Full moon very bright, shines everywhere.
Clear and bright to every edge.
Wish every year this exquisite for evening viewing banquets.

Swallows come back near spring planting festivals.
Rivers and skies vast with an overflow of clouds.
Early days, Song Yu’s emotions not superficial.
Resented his forced seclusion.
Three hundred miles from hometown city gates, insides broken up.



Dahurian: Also spelled durian. Large and aromatic fruit that is very popular in modern day China and eastern Asia.

Song Yu: (298-222 BC) Famous poet and writer who was a student of Qu Yuan. Renowned as being one of the four most handsome men in ancient China. He is credited with starting the poetic theme of autumn melancholy.

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