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Ouyang Xiu: Short Version of Tree Orchids: No. 4

Short Version of Tree Orchids: No. 4

减 字 木 兰 花
画 堂 雅 宴。
一 抹 弦 初 入 遍。
慢 捻 轻 笼。
玉 指 纡 纡 嫩 剥 葱。
拔 头 傯 利。
怨 月 愁 花 无 限 意。
红 粉 轻 盈。
依 暖 香 檀 曲 未 成。


Jian Zi Mu Lan Hua


Hua tang ya yan
Yi ma xian chu ru bian
Man nian qing long.
Yu zhi yu yu nen bao cong.

Ba tou zong li.
Yuan yue chou hua wu xian yi.
Hong fen qing ying.
Yi nuan xiang tan qu wei cheng.


Short Version of Tree Orchids: No. 4

Elegant, painted main banquet hall
First early chords from vermilion pipa strings spread everywhere.
Slow twisting fingertips, skillful and soft glissandos
Low, thin fingers of jade, delicate like a peeled onion.

She plays Ba Tou music without utilizing a mask
Her mastery causes the moon to be resentful, and the flowers a melancholy without limits.
When finished, the rouge and powder dead still and silent
Leaning against the warm sandalwood instrument before continuing with more songs.



Pipa: Ancient Chinese stringed instrument.

Glissando: A series of gliding musical notes, usually upward in pitch.

Ba Tou music: Traditional Chinese opera

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