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Su Dongpo: August Seventh

August Seventh (1094), Going Through the Huang Kong Shoals In Jiangxi Province

八 月 七 日 初 入 赣,过 惶 恐 滩
七 千 里 外 二 毛 人
十 八 滩 头 一 叶 身。
山 忆 喜 欢 劳 远 梦
地 名 惶 恐 泣 孤 臣。
长 风 送 客 添 帆 腹
积 雨 浮 舟 减 石 鳞。
便 合 与 官 充 水 手
此 生 何 止 略 知 津。
Ba Yue Qi Ri Chu Ru Gan, Guo Huang Kong Tan

Qi qian li wai er mao ren
Shi ba tan tou yi ye shen.
Shan yi xi huan lao yuan meng
Di ming huang kong qi gu chen.

Chang feng song ke tian fan fu
Ji yu fu zhou jian shi lin.
Bian he yu guan chong shui shou
Ci sheng he zhi lue zhi jin.


August the Seventh (1094), Going Through the Huang Kong Shoals in Jiangxi Province

Two thousand miles away from home, my hair a two-toned black and white
Through eighteen shoals my place like one leaf along the riverbank.
In a remote dream, realize the local mountains not like the ones back home
Passing this place called Huang Kong, tears from a lonely official.

Long and strong winds fill the sails to drive our small boat too quickly
After heavy rains we float above the previously submerged rocks.
I have been on so many rivers I could qualify to be one of the shipmates
This life has given to me more than just knowledge about where the ferry crossings are located.


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