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Su Dongpo: Calm Wind and Waves

Calm Wind and Waves

定 风 波
常 羡 人 闻 琢 玉 郎
天 教 分 付 点 酥 娘。
自 作 清 歌 转 皓 齿
风 起,雪 飞 炎 海 变 清 凉。
万 里 归 来 年 愈 少
微 笑,笑 时
犹 带 岭 梅 香。
试 问 “岭 南 应 不 好”
却 道 “ 此 心 安 外 是 吾 乡”。
Ding Feng Bo

Chang xian ren wen zhuo yu lang
Tian jiao fen fu dian su niang.
Zi zuo qing ge chuan hao chi
Feng qi, xue fei yan hai bian qing liang.

Wan li gui lai nian yu shao
Wei xiao, xiao shi
You dai ling mei xiang.
Shi wen “Ling Nan Ying Bu Hao”.
Que dao “Ci Xin An Wai Wu Xiang”.

Calm Wind and Waves

Often envy people famous for their wealth and good looks
Heaven has given to you a beautiful young woman
When she talks or sings, her voice is pure, her teeth bright and white
During our hot weather the wind arises, then snow flies to change the air to clear and cool.

You both came back from a thousand miles away, and she appears younger
Her smile sweet like the fragrance of Chinese plum blossoms from the Ling mountain ranges
I ask her “You agree that Ling Nan is no good?”
She replies, “When my heart-mind is calm and peaceful
Then I am always inside my hometown.”



Ling mountain ranges: Also known as the Southern Mountains.

Ling Nan: An area south of the Ling mountains.



Heart-mind:  This is my translation of the Chinese character xin ().  It literally means both heart and mind.  The English-speaking world separates the two, while the Chinese are not so quick to do so.  I personally like the hyphened word as it presumes that the heart and mind are one and united.

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