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Su Dongpo: Depart From Huangzhou

Depart From Huangzhou

别 黄 州
病 疮 老 马 不 任 鞿
犹 向 君 王 得 敝 帏。
桑 下 岂 无 三 宿 恋
樽 前 聊 与 一 身 归。
长 腰 尚 载 撑 肠 米
阔 领 先 裁 盖 瘿 衣。
投 老 江 湖 终 不 失
来 时 莫 遣 故 人 非。
Bie Huang Zhou

Bing chuang lao ma bu ren ji
You xiang jun wang dei bi wei.
Sang xia qi wu san su lian
Zun qian liao yu yi shen gui.

Chang yao shang zai cheng chang mi
Kuo ling xian cai gai ying yi.
Tou lao jiang hu zhong bu shi
Lai shi mo qian gu ren fei.


Departing From Huangzhou

Sick with sores, my old horse and I cannot take up the reins
Still senior and close enough to maintain shabby curtains.
After this simple life, and three nights, I long for my old place
Wine vessels left behind, still I quickly departed.

Lost a lot of weight eating the local rice and food
Wife has altered my clothes to accommodate the new area’s lack of iodine.
Still have a chance to enjoy the rivers and lakes of rural seclusion
When this time arrives, my old friends will not find fault with me.



Huangzhou: Known as the city of Hangzhou.

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