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Su Dongpo: Numerous Birchleaf Pears

Numerous Birchleaf Pears

海 棠
东 风 袅 袅 泛 崇 光
香 雾 空 蒙 月 转 廊。
只 恐 夜 深 花 睡 去
故 烧 高 烛 照 红 妆。
Hai Tang

Dong feng niao niao fan chong guang
Xiang wu kong meng yue zhuan lang.                                                                               Zhi kong ye shen hua shui qu
Gu shao gao zhu zhao hong zhuang.


Numerous Birchleaf Pears

East wind, scenery of lofty blossoms float and wave
Fragrant mist permeates the sky, moon moves across the porch.

Single fear, flowers will depart during deep evening sleep
On purpose, burn tall candles to illuminate their red made-up faces.

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