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Su Dongpo: Send Off Shu Gu: (Northern Hometown)

Send Off For Shu Gu: (Southern Hometown)

送 述 古: 难 乡 子
回 首 乱 山 横
不 见 居 人 只 见 城。
谁 似 临 平 山 上 塔,亭 亭
迎 客 西 来 送 客 行。
归 路 晚 风 清
一 枕 初 寒 梦 不 成。
今 夜 残 灯 斜 照 处,荧 荧
秋 雨 晴 时 泪 不 晴。
Song Shu Gu: Nan Xiang Zi

Hui shou luan shan heng
Bu jian ju ren zhi jian cheng.
Shei si lin ping shan shang ta, ting ting
Ying ke xi lai song ke xing.

Gui lu wan feng qing
Yi zhen chu han meng bu cheng.
Jin ye can deng xie zhao chu ying ying
Qiu yu qing shi lei bu qing.


Send Off For Shugu: (Southern Hometown)

Turn around, the Luan mountains from east to west
Do not see city people or Shugu, only the city wall.
Atop the tall and erect pagoda on Mt. Ping
Only see travelers and their guests coming and going.

On the road returning home, evening wind pure and cool
One cold pillow, not able to dream
Tonight, remnants of my lamplight, slanting reflections glimmering
Autumn rain gives way to the clear and sunny part of the season
but teardrops have not done the same.



[The description at the end of the title in parentheses identifies the name of the music which these lines are to be sung to.]

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