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Su Dongpo: Send This to Huangzhou Mayor Mr. Yang: Two Poems

Send This to Huangzhou Mayor Mr. Yang: Two Poems

寄 黄 州 扬 使 君:二 首
为 向 东 坡 传 语
人 在 玉 堂 深 处。
别 后 有 谁 来?
雪 压 小 桥 无 数。
归 去,江 上 一 犁 春 雨。
手 种 堂 前 桃 李
无 限 绿 阴 青 子。
帘 外 百 舌 儿
惊 起 五 更 春 睡。
居 士 , 莫 忘
小 桥 流 水。
Ji Huangzhou Yang Shi Jun: Er Shou


Wei xiang dong po chuan yu
Ren zai yu tang shen chu.
Bie hou you shei lai?
Xue ya xiao qiao wu shu.
Gui qu, gui qu
Jiang shang yi li chun yu.


Shou zhong tang qian tao li
Wu xian lu yin qing zi.
Lian wai bai she er
Jing qi wu geng chun shui.
Ju shi, ju shi mo wang
Xiao qiao liu shui.

Send to Huangzhou Mayor Mr. Yang: Two Poems


Tell the people from me, I am living deep within the Yutang palace
And cannot go to my land at Dongpo
Can someone go and check on my land and trees?
There is so much snow on the small bridge
Go back, go back, the spring rains bring the opportunity to till the earth.


I planted by hand the peach and plum trees in front of my house
Green buds and green seeds without limits.
Outside the curtains, flocks of white birds
Their singing disturbs spring slumber just before dawn
Su Dongpo, Su Dongpo, as a lay Buddhist and retired scholar
Do not forget the water flowing down to the small bridge.



Yutang: Buildings in the rear area of the imperial palace complex.

Dongpo: Literally means eastern slopes. Su gave this name to his property in Huangzhou, and then became the name we know him by.  His original name before this was Su Shi.

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