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Su Dongpo: Short Orchid Tree Flower Poem

Short Orchid Tree Flower Poem

减 字 木 兰 花
维 熊 佳 梦
释 氏 老 君 亲 抱 送。
壮 气 横 秋
未 满 三 朝 已 食 牛。
犀 钱 玉 果
利 市 平 分 沽 四 座。
“多 谢 无 功!”
“此 事 如 何 着 得 侬!”
Jian Zi Mu Lan Hua

Wei xiong jia meng
Shi shi lao jun bao song.
Zhuang qi heng qiu
Wei man san zhao yi shi niu.

Xi qian yu guo
Li shi ping fen gu si zuo
“Duo xie wu gong !”
“Ci shi ru he zhao de nong !”


Short Orchid Tree Flower Poem

Maintain a faint-hearted dream of beauty
Having prayed to Laozi and the Buddha.
Your son’s breath and spirit strong like an autumn sky from
horizon to horizon
Not yet three days old, already can eat an ox.

You receive coins, jade and fruit as gifts
You are so happy, these are divided equally among all the guests.
“Many thanks to you, but I really did nothing.”
“Yes, this job I had to do myself.”



Su’s friend just had a baby boy. Su threw a party for father and son.
The first quote is from Su Dongpo, while the second is a reply from his friend.

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