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Su Dongpo: Simple Whistle Sounds Everywhere

Simple Whistle Sounds Everywhere

哨 遍
为 来 折 腰, 因 酒 弃 家
口 体 交 相 累。
归 去 来, 谁 不 遣 君 归?
觉 从 前 皆 非 今 是。
露 未 晞, 征 夫 指 余 归 路
门 前 笑 语 喧 童 稚 。
嗟 旧 菊 都 荒
新 松 暗 老
吾 年 今 已 如 此。
但 小 窗 容 膝 闭 柴 扉
策 杖 看 孤 云 暮 鸿 飞。
云 出 无 心 , 鸟 倦 知 还
本 非 有 意。
噫! 归 去 来 兮
我 今 忘 我 兼 忘 世。
亲 戚 无 浪 语
琴 书 中 有 真 味。
步 翠 麓 崎 岖
泛 溪 窈 窕
涓 涓 暗 谷 流 春 水。
观 草 木 欣 荣
幽 人 自 感
吾 生 行 且 休 矣。
念 寓 形 宇 内 复 几 时
不 自 觉 皇 皇 欲 何 之
委 吾 心, 去 留 谁 什。
神 仙 知 在 何 处?
富 贵 非 吾 志。
但 知 临 水 登 山 啸 咏
自 引 壶 觞 自 醉。
此 生 天 命 更 何 疑
且 乘 流, 遇 坎 还 止。
Shao Bian

Wei mi zhe yao, yin jiu qi jia
Kou ti jiao xiang lei.
Gui qu lai, shei bu qian ju gui?
Jue cong qian jie fei jin shi.

Lu wei xi, zheng fu zhi yu gui lu
Men qian xiao yu xuan tong zhi.
Jie jiu ju dou huang
Xin song an lao
Wu nian jin yi ru ci.

Dan xiao chuang rong xi bi chai fei
Ce zhang kan gu yun mu hong fei
Yun chu wu xin, niao juan zhi huan
Ben fei you yi.

Yi ! Gui qu lai xi
Wo jin wang wo jian wang shi.
Qin qi wu lang yu
Qin shu zhong you zhen wei.

Bu cui lu qi qu
Fan xi yao tiao
Juan juan an gu liu chun shui.
Guan cao mu xin rong
You ren zi gan
Wu sheng xing qie xiu yi.

Nian you xing yu nei fu ji shi
Bu zi jue huang huang yu he zhi
Wei wu xin, qu liu shei shen.
Shen xian zhi zai he wai?

Fu gui fei wu zhi.
Dan zhi lin shui deng shan xiao yong
Zi yin hu shang zi zui.
Ci sheng tian ming geng he yi
Qie cheng liu, yu kan huan zhi.


Simple Whistle Sounds Everywhere

To make a salary one must follow the directions of others
Some people who love to drink and party abandon family and home
Others who need to eat the finest meals have to work very hard
Come back with me now, who cannot dispel all of one’s past mistakes?

Awaken everyday before you do more harm
Dew has yet to dry
After a long journey, had to ask people on the street for directions to my house
In front of my house, they said there are happy, noisy children
Lament, old chrysanthemums covered with weeds
Already the new pine trees planted five years ago are old, dark and cracked
Just like me.

Still this house so little and slapped together with scrape firewood
With my walking cane watch geese fly into a one cloud sunset
Clouds come and go as they wish
Tired birds naturally know when to return

Alas! Go back home
Today I forgot myself, and simultaneously forgot society
Relatives and villagers without harsh words
Playing my qin, reading books have the taste of reality

Sometimes I walk the rugged and emerald green foothills
Deep and quiet small creeks emerge
Trickles and flows into a dark ravine and spring water
Happy trees and grasses grow wild and thick
People in rural seclusion feel themselves
And their lives near their limits.

Think about how much longer this body of mine can remain a part of this world
Do not feel myself very magnificent.
Hope to follow my heart-mind and remain beyond life’s cares
Where do the immortals exist outside?

To be rich and wealthy is not my ideal
Just know I want to be close to water
Look into the distant mountains and chant
Pour wine from pot to cup by myself and get drunk
Life and lifespan uncertain
Just ride the flow
If stopped by stone barrier, simply go around it.



Qin: Ancient Chinese stringed instrument that resembles a zither.

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