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Su Dongpo: Small Children

Small Children

小 儿
小 儿 不 识 愁
起 坐 牵 我 衣。
我 欲 嗔 小 儿
老 妻 劝 儿 痴。
儿 痴 君 更 甚
不 乐 愁 何 为?
还 坐 愧 此 言
洗 盏 当 我 前。
大 胜 刘 伶 妇
区 区 为 酒 钱。
Xiao Er

Xiao er bu shi chou
Qi zuo qian wo yi.
Wo yu chen xiao er
Lao qi quan er chi.

Er chi jun geng shi
Bu le chou he wei?
Huan zuo kui ci yan
Xi zhan dang wo qian.
Da sheng liu ling fu
Qu qu wei jiu qian.


Small Child

My small child does not understand worries
I come home, sit down, he pulls on my clothes.
I am annoyed by this small child
My old wife says he is too young to know of your troubles.

And that I also do not understand him.
What makes you so unhappy and anxious?
So I sit back down, ashamed of my words
She brings me cups of tea.
My wife a bigger success than Liu Ling
With a humbleness she serves me wine.



Liu Ling: (?-122 BC) Han Dynasty princess. Known for spying upon Emperor Wu and his ministers.

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