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Su Dongpo: Wang Qingyuan, Imperial Government Worker

Wang Qingyuan, Imperial Government Worker

庆 源 宣 义 王 丈 人,以 累 举 得 官,为 洪 雅 主
簿,雅 州 户 掾。遇 吏 如 家 人,人 安 乐 之。既 谢 事,居 眉
之 青 神 瑞 草 桥,放 怀 自 得。 有 书 来 求 红 带,
既 以 遗 之,且 作 诗 为 戏,黄 鲁 直,秦 少 游 名 为 赋 一
首,为 老 人 光 华
Qing Yuan Xuan Yi Wang Zhang Ren, Yi Lei Ju De Guan, Wei Hong Ya Zhu Bu, Ya Zhou Hu Yuan. Yu Li Ru Jia Ren, Ren An Le Zhi. Ji Xie Shi, Ju Mei Zhi Qing Shen Rui Cao Qiao, Fang Huai Zi De. You Shu Lai Qiu Hong Dai, Ji Yi Yi Zhi, Qie Zuo Shi Wei Xi, Huang Lu Zhi, Qin Shao You Ming Wei Fu Yi Shou, Wei Lao Ren Guang Hua
青 衫 半 作 霜 叶 枯
遇 民 如 儿 吏 如 奴。
吏 民 莫 作 官 长 看
我 是 识 字 耕 田 夫。
妻 啼 儿 号 剌 史 怒
时 有 野 人 来 挽 须。
拂 衣 自 注 下 下 考
芋 魁 饭 豆 吾 岂 无。
归 来 瑞 草 桥 边 路
独 游 还 佩 平 生 壶。
慈 姥 岩 前 自 唤 渡
青 衣 江 畔 人 争 扶。
今 年 蚕 市 数 州 集
中 有 遗 民 怀 裤 襦。
邑 中 之 黔 相 指 示
白 髯 红 带 老 不 癯。
我 欲 西 归 卜 邻 舍
隔 墙 拊 掌 容 歌 呼。
不 学 山 王 乘 驷 马
回 头 空 指 黄 公 垆。


Qing shan ban zuo shuang ye ku
Yu min ru er li ru nu.
Li min mo zuo guan chang kan
Wo shi shi shi geng tian fu.

Qi ti er hao la shi nu
Shi you ye ren lai wan xu.
Fu yi zi zhu xia xia kao
Yu kui fan dou wu qi wu.

Gui lai rui cao qiao bian lu
Du you huan pei ping sheng hu.
Ci lao yan qian zi huan du
Qing yi hong pan ren zheng fu.

Jin nian can shi shu zhou ji
Zhong you yi min huai ku ru.
Yi zhong zhi qian xiang zhi shi
Bai ran hong dai lao bu qu.

Wo yu xi gui bu lin she
Ge qiang fu zhang rong ge hu.
Bu xue shan wang cheng si ma
Hui tou kong zhi huang gong lu.

Wang Qingyuan, Imperial Government Worker, His Father-in-Law’s Brother Used His Connections to Acquire a Government Position in Hong Ya, Then a Petty Official in Yazhou. All His Collegues Equal, Peaceful and Happy. After Leaving This Position Goes to Live in Meizhou, Goes Home to Meet His Needs. He Wrote Me To Ask For a Special Day, For Now I Write This Poem For Some Fun and Drama, Huang Luzhi and Qin Shaoyou Each Wrote One Poem Too, Made This Man Full of Honor and Radiance


Green unlined shirt half-worn and withered like frosty leaves
The community like his children, unethical government workers have their slaves.
He does not care what seniority or rank these workers are
Considers himself a learned and literate farmer.

He has a history of a crying wife, wailing children and anger from superiors
Every season the peasants come and admire him.
Doesn’t care that his bribes to superiors and tax revenue collections are rated the lowest
He thinks maybe he could survive with meals of taro and beans.

Returns home by way of the Rui Cao bridge and grasses along the roadside
When traveling back, wears his old water pot.
Passes by, calls out to the Ci Lao cliffs
Along the edges of the Qingyi River, people compete for his attention and company.

This year silkworms sold at the Shuzhou regional market
Still have people remember him from former days.
Did not ask the farmers to perform their community service during the busy times of planting and harvest
He of white beard, red belt, and wide girth.

I hope to return west and be your neighbor
Spend our days singing, shouting and clapping hands.
We could be like the Seven Sages of the Bamboo
And not copy the ones who were sent away into high-level government positions.



Yazhou: District in the province and island of Hainan

Meizhou: A city in eastern part of Guangdong Province

Qing Yi river: Major tributary to the Changjiang in western Sichuan Province

Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove: A famous Group of prominent writers and artists from the Third Century AD.

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