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Su Dongpo: With Su Jian, an Old Friend: (Joyous Dawn Returns)

With Su Jian, an Old Friend: (Joyous Dawn Returns)

和 苏 坚 伯 固:归 朝 欢
我 梦 扁 舟 浮 震 泽
雪 浪 摇 空 千 顷 白。
觉 来 满 眼 是 庐 山
倚 天 无 数 开 青 壁。
此 生 长 接 淅
与 君 同 是 江 南 客。
梦 中 游 觉 来 清 赏
同 作 飞 梭 掷。
明 日 西 风 还 挂 席
唱 我 断 词 泪 沾 臆。
灵 均 去 后 楚 山 空
澧 阳 兰 芷 无 颜 色。
君 才 如 梦 得。
武 陵 更 在 西 南 极。
“竹 枝 词” 莫 徭 断 唱
谁 谓 古 今 隔。
He Su Jian Bo Gu: (Gui Zhao Huan)

Wo meng pian zhou fu zhen ze
Xue lang yao kong qian qing bai.
Jue lai man yan shi lu shan
Yi tian wu shu kai qing bi.

Ci sheng chang jie xi
Yu jun tong shi jiang nan ke.
Meng zhong you, jue lai qing shang
Tong zuo fei suo zhi.

Ming ri xi feng huan gua xi
Chang wo xin ci lei zhan yi.
Ling jun qu hou chu shan kong
Li yang lan zhi wu yan se.

Jun cai ru meng de.
Wu ling geng zai xi nan ji.
“Zhu Zhi Ci” mo yao xin chang
Shei wei gu jin ge.


With Su Jian, an Old Friend: (Joyous Dawn Returns)

Dreamt I was in a small boat
Floating on the waves of Taihu Lake.
Waves white as snow for thousands of acres
Awake, my eyes full of the Lu Mountains.

Numerous green cliffs soaring to the sky
My life one long hurry from one place to another.
Both you and I are like visitors in Jiangnan.
After travel dreams, now awake to clarity.

Appreciate a chance to arise from this flying around
Back and forth like a loom’s shuttle.
Tomorrow we raise the sail to follow the west wind
Let’s chant my new poem, words which may cause tears.

To moisten our chests
After Ling Jun departs, the Chu nation mountains.
They are empty of good people
Liyang orchids and irises without colors.

Your talents like Liu Yuxi
Your exile even further west than his.
Maybe you can continue to expand on his “Bamboo Branches Poetry”
Local, happy folk songs by the people of that region
Who were exempt from taxes and military service.


Tai Lake: Located in Jiangsu Province.

Lu Mountains: In northern Jiangxi Province.

Jiangnan: Literally means south of the river. The region south of the mouth of the Changjiang (Yangzi River).

Chu nation: Existed during the Zhou Dynasty (1030-223), encompassing the provinces of Hubei and Hunan plus more.

Liyang: The province of Henan.

Liu Yuxi: (772-842) Tang Dynasty poet and philosopher. Seven hundred of his poems still exist. Friend of both Bai Juyi and Han Yu.

Bamboo Branches Poetry: Famous poem written by Liu Yuxi.

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