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Tao Yuanming: Drinking Wine: Twenty Poems: No. 1

Drinking Wine: Twenty Poems: No. 1

饮 酒 : 二 十 首
 衰 荣 无 定 在
彼 此 更 共 之。
邵 生 瓜 田 中
宁 似 东 陵 时。
寒 暑 有 代 谢
人 道 每 如 兹。
达 人 解 其 会
逝 将 不 复 疑。
忽 与 一 觞 酒
日 夕 欢 相 持。


Yin Jiu: Er Shi Shou


Shuai rong wu ding zai
Bi ci geng gong zhi.
Shao shen gua tian zhong
Ning si dong ling shi.

Han shu you dai xie
Ren dao mei ru zi.
Da ren jie qi hui
Shi jiang bu fu yi.
Hu you yi shang jiu
Ri xi huan xiang chi.


Drinking Wine: Twenty Poems: No. 1


Getting wealthy, going broke always change, and are not fixed
One person’s experience interchangeable with another.
Shao Sheng went from imperial advisor to working his melon patch
At one time he ruled the eastern territories.

Frigid cold changes places with summer heat
Humanity works according to the same rules.
A sensible and knowledgeable person understands this
I will take leave, never again to waver in the my decision.
Quickly, give me one cup of wine
Day and night cling to joy and happiness.



The Buddhist emphasis and belief in the transitory nature of life, as well as Laozi’s discussion of the true nature of the Dao are expressed well here.

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