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Tao Yuanming: Finally I Get to Go Home: Part 1

Finally I Get to Go Home: Part 1

归 去 来 兮 辞
归 去 来 兮
田 园 将 芜 胡 不 归!
既 自 以 心 为 形 役
奚 惆 怅 而 独 悲!
悟 已 往 之 不 谏
知 来 者 之 可 追;
实 迷 途 其 未 远
觉 今 是 而 昨 非。
舟 遥 遥 以 轻 飏
风 飘 飘 而 吹 衣。
问 征 夫 以 前 路
恨 晨 光 之 熹 微。
乃 瞻 衡 宇
载 欣 载 奔。
僮 仆 欢 迎
稚 子 候 门。
三 径 就 荒
松 菊 犹 存。
携 幼 人 室
有 酒 盈 樽。
引 壶 觞 以 自 酌
眄 庭 柯 以 怡 颜。
倚 南 窗 以 寄 傲
审 容 膝 之 易 安。
园 日 涉 以 成 趣
门 虽 设 而 长 关。
策 扶 老 以 流 憩
时 娇 首 而 遐 观。
云 无 心 以 出 岫
鸟 倦 飞 而 知 还。
景 翳 翳 以 将 人
扶 孤 松 而 盘 桓。
Gui Qu Lai Xi Ci

Gui qu lai xi
Tian yuan jiang wu hu bu gui !
Ji zi yi xin wei xing yi
Xi chou chang er du bei !

Wu yi wang zhi bu jian
Zhi lai zhe zhi ke zhui;
Shi mi tu qi wei yuan
Jue jin shi er zuo fei.

Zhou yao yao yi qing yang
Feng piao piao er chui yi.
Wen zheng fu yi qian lu
Hen chen guang zhi xi wei.

Nai zhan heng yu
Zai xin zai ben.
Zhuang pu huan ying
Zhi zi hou men.

San jing jiu huang
Song ju you cun.
Xie you ren shi
You jiu ying zun.

Yin hu shang yi zi zhuo
Mian ting ke yi yi yan.
Yi nan chuang yi ji ao
Shen rong xi zhi yi an.

Yuan ri she yi cheng qu
Men sui she er chang guan.
Ce fu lao yi liu qi
Shi jiao shou er xia guan.

Yun wu xin yi chu xiu
Niao juan fei er zhi huan.
Jing yi yi yi jiang ren
Fu gu song er pan huan.


Finally I Get to Go Home: Part 1

Going out, and then coming back
Fields and gardens overgrown with weeds, why not return!
Already know in my heart that this job
Full of disappointments, sorrow and lonely melancholy.

Realize that what is past is past
But have learned that something in the future can be worth obtaining.
This pursuit for what is immediate was wrong
Now I am choosing the right course.

Boat travel to distant destinations relaxed and uplifting
Winds float and flutter my clothes.
Ask the boatman how much further to go
The brightness of dawn’s early light yet to arrive.

Look forward to seeing my house
With exhilaration and joy I see it
Youngsters and servants happily await for me at the gate.
Several footpaths uncultivated
Pine trees and chrysanthemums still alive.

Pick up the young children, hand-in-hand find the wine vessels
Tilt the wine pot, pour myself a cup
Look around the courtyard with a face of joy.
Through southern windows see the southern mountains
House so cramped, yet safe and a place of ease.

Everyday experience the garden delights
Although my door has been closed for a while.
Lean on a walking stick, wander and relax
Looking up, can see far into the distance.

Clouds without a mind emerge from the mountain peaks
Weary birds fly back on their way home.
Lengthening shadows, dusk fading away
Should I ask this solitary pine tree if I too should leave?

Finally, I got to go home
My request is to end my travels outside.
This political life is against my temperament
Why would I seek or ask to travel again?


Commentary from Tao Yuanming:

My home is very poor. I cannot support my extended family on the land I have. There are so many mouths to feed. Our rice containers always seem to be empty. How can I make enough just to have the basics? Doing just farm work is not enough. Relatives and friends convinced me that by going out to do government work, I can support the whole clan. So I went out to find work.
My uncle introduced me to a contact, and told me that it was a righteous cause to reclaim the throne for the old emperor. Plus the job was just about sixty miles away. Part of my salary was paid for in land; for crops enough to make my own wine. After a while I got homesick and realized my skills are for spontaneity and the love of Nature, and not for the complexities of human game-playing activities. I would rather starve than to deal with the politics. So I will finish this one government project and then go home. Plus my young sister died, so that will be my excuse to go back.

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