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Tao Yuanming: Reply to Military Advisor Pang: Part 1

Reply to Military Advisor Pang: Part 1

答 庞 参 军
衡 门 之 下
有 琴 有 书;
载 弹 载 咏
爰 得 我 娱。
岂 无 他 好?
乐 是 幽 居;
朝 为 灌 园
夕 偃 篷 庐。
人 之 所 宝
尚 或 未 珍。
不 有 同 好
云 胡 以 亲?
我 求 良 友
实 觏 怀 人。
欢 心 孔 洽
栋 宇 惟 邻。
伊 余 怀 人
欣 德 孜 孜。
我 有 旨 酒
与 汝 乐 之。
乃 陈 好 言
乃 著 新 诗。
一 旦 不 见
如 何 不 思!
Da Pang Can Jun

Heng men zhi xia
You qin you shu;
Zai tan zai yong
Yuan de wo yu.

Qi wu ta hao ?
Le shi you ju;
Zhao wei guan yuan
Xi yan peng lu.

Ren zhi suo bao
Shang huo wei zhen.
Bu you tong hao
Yun hu yi qin ?

Wo qiu liang you
Shi gou huai ren.
Huan xin kong qia
Dong yu wei lin.

Yi yu huai ren
Xin de zi zi.
Wo you zhi jiu
Yu ru le zhi.

Nai chen hao yan
Nai zhu xin shi.
Yi dan bu jian
Ru he bu si !


Reply to Military Advisor Pang: Part 1

Below my humble door
I have books and a qin;
Time filled with music and writing poems
A place to make pleasure and joy.

What else could I do to pass the time?
Such happiness in this deep and remote place;
Early mornings the garden gets watered
At sunset, go back to rest in my disorganized hut.

Most people require a fancy house
But I value what is humble and simple.
How come after so long a time away
Where are such good friends?

I seek a true friend
The reality of our meeting we have cherished.
Our joyful hearts-minds very much in harmony
We share lofty, yet simple ideals.

Over the years I have missed you
Now enjoy and respect your diligence and work ethic.
I have in store some excellent wine
Happy to share it all with you.

Only then can fine words be put on display
Writing and composing new poems.
In one day I will no longer see you
Will miss you so much.


Qin: Ancient Chinese stringed instrument.  It is a fretless, four-string zither-like instrument.

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