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Tao Yuanming: Sorrow For Young Cousin Zhong De

Sorrow For Young Cousin Zhong De

悲 从 弟 仲 德
衔 哀 过 旧 宅
悲 泪 应 心 零。
借 问 为 谁 悲?
怀 人 在 九 冥!
礼 服 名 群 从
恩 爱 若 同 生。
门 前 执 手 时
何 意 尔 先 倾。
在 数 竟 未 免
为 山 不 及 成。
慈 母 沉 哀 疚
二 胤 才 数 龄。
双 位 委 空 馆
朝 夕 无 哭 声。
流 尘 集 虚 座
宿 草 旅 前 庭。
阶 除 旷 游 迹
园 林 独 馀 情。
翳 然 乘 化 去
终 天 不 复 形。
迟 迟 将 回 步
恻 恻 衿 涕 盈!


Bei Cong Di Zhong De

Xian ai guo jiu zhai
Bei lei ying xin ling.
Jie wen wei shei bei ?
Huai ren zai jiu ming !

Li fu ming qun cong
En ai ruo tong sheng.
Men qian zhi shou shi
He yi er xian qing.

Zai shu jing wei mian
Wei shan bu ji cheng.
Ci mu chen ai jiu
Er yin cai shu ling.

Shuang wei wei kong guan
Zhao xi wu ku sheng.
Liu chen ji xu zuo
Su cao lu qian ting.

Jie chu kuang you ji
Yuan lin du yu qing.
Yi ran cheng hua qu
Zhong tian bu fu xing.
Chi chi jiang hui bu
Ce ce jin ti ying !


Sorrow For Young Cousin Zhong De

Hold in my sorrow, on the way to his old house
Melancholy tears fall as the heart’s response.
You ask me, to whom does this sorrow flow
Yearn for this person in the nether world.

He and I are close relatives, within five generations
Our lives parallel to each other, like brothers.
Still remember the time we departed in front of your gate
Now I have come back, and you are gone.

Can never be free from your fate and destiny
You were not able to complete your purpose or legacy.
His mother has sunk into grief and mourning
His two young children only a few years old.

Both he and his wife left behind an empty house as a shrine
From sunrise to sunset no sounds of mourning, no other mourners.
In this empty place the dust will soon gather
Overgrown grasses in the front yard.

Stairs and steps soon will fall down in disrepair
But the garden and trees alone show your love and attention.
Now hidden from view, your transformation a departure
Never again to see your form or appearance.
Very slowly walk back home
Very sad, my whole being filled with tears.

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