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Tao Yuanming: Write Down Some Insights

Write Down Some Insights

有 会 而 作
弱 年 逢 家 乏
老 至 更 长 饥。
菽 麦 实 所 羡
孰 敢 慕 甘 肥。
惄 如 亚 九 饭
当 署 厌 寒 衣。
岁 月 将 欲 署
如 何 辛 苦 悲。
常 善 粥 者 心
深 念 蒙 袂 非。
嗟 来 可 足 吝?
徒 没 空 自 遗。
斯 滥 岂 彼 志
固 穷 夙 所 归。
馁 也 已 矣 夫
在 昔 余 多 师。


You Hui Er Zuo

Ruo nian feng jia fa
Lao zhi geng chang ji.
Shu mai shi suo xian
Shu gan mu gan fei.

Ni ru ya jiu fan
Dang shu yan han yi.
Sui yue jiang yu shu
Ru he xin ku bei.

Chang shan zhou zhe xin
Shen nian meng mei fei.
Jie lai ke zu lin ?
Tu mo kong zi wei.

Si lan qi bi zhi
Gu qiong su suo gui.
Nei ye yi yi fu
Zai xi yu duo shi.


Write Down Some Insights

In the years of my youth, family fortunes started on the decline
Now old, even more long periods of hunger.
Covet any beans, grains or fruit
Does not have to be of good quality.

My face thin, only have the evening meal
Have to wear my winter clothes even in the summer.
Near the end of my years
Conditions are difficult and melancholy.

Very thankful for the gift of the neighbor’s porridge
Never forget the need to hide behind my sleeves.
How much do I hate having to go and do this?
Without hope, a gift to myself would be to die here.

Still want to maintain my principles
Remain in seclusion, keep to my long-standing beliefs.
Keep brave in the face of hunger
In the old days, many people did these same things as me.

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