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Wang Wei: Lacquer Tree Plantation

Lacquer Tree Plantation


漆 园
古 人 非 傲 吏
自 阙 经 世 务。                                                                                                        偶 寄 一 微 官
婆 娑 数 株 树。
Qi Yuan

Gu ren fei ao li
Zi que jing shi wu                                                                                                                       Ou ji yi wei guan
Po suo shu zhu shu.


Lacquer Tree Plantation

Zhuangzi was not a proud, arrogant government official
My mistake, to endure outside, worldly affairs.                                            Occasionally depend upon a minor government position
Spend time in reflection, count and care for each individual tree.



Lacquer tree plantation: When young, Zhuangzi was a caretaker for the family’s plantation of trees, tapped for their resin to make lacquer. The emperor wanted to appoint him to a high government position. Zhuangzi, knowing himself, refused to accept, realizing his purpose in life was not to be a public servant.

Zhuangzi: (370-287 BC) The second pillar of Daoism, next to Laozi. Famous for his wisdom in The Inner Chapters. Excellent translations of his stories from Thomas Merton in his book, The Way of Chuang Tzu.

In the last line, Wang Wei is referring to both Zhuangzi and himself.

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