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Wang Wei: Meal For the Monks of Mt. Fufu

Wang Wei: Meal For the Monks of Mt. Fufu



饭 覆 釜 山 僧
晚 知 清 浄 理
日 舆 人 群 疏。
將 侯 遠 山 僧
先 期 掃 敝 盧。
果 從 雲 峰 裏
顾 我 蓬 蒿 居。
藉 草 飯 松 屑
焚 香 看 道 書。
然 燈 書 欲 盡
鸣 磬 夜 方 初。
已 悟 寂 蔿 樂
此 生 閒 有 余 .
思 歸 何 必 染?
身 世 猶 空 虚。
Fan Fu Fu Shan Seng

Wan zhi qing jing li
Ri yu ren qun shu.
Jiang hou yuan shan seng
Xian qi sao bi lu.

Guo cong yun feng li
Gu wo peng hao ju.
Ji cao fan song xie
Fen xiang kan dao shu.

Ran deng shu yu jin
Ming qing ye fang chu.
Yi wu ji wei le
Ci sheng jian you you .                                                                                                                 Si gui he bi ran ?                                                                                                                     Shen shi you kong xu.


A Meal for the Monks of Mt. Fufu

Late in life came to know the clarity and purity of the natural order of things
Daily associate with people who scattered from the crowd.
Will inquire about and seek out remote mountain monks
In advance they sweep their dilapidated huts.

As a result, follow the clouds, and the peaks inside them
Turn around and look back at my disheveled wormwood house.
Trample on the grasses, eating a meal of pine nuts
Burn incense and read Daoist books.

Light the lamp, write to the point of exhaustion
Ring a bronze bowl at the onset of evening.
Already awake, solitude becomes joy
This life beyond definite time and space.

Considering going back, who must be stained ?
Life experiences like unoccupied emptiness.


Bronze bowl: The Chinese qing, is a Buddhist percussion instrument made of bronze, and shaped like an alms bowl.


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