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Wang Wei: Palace Guard Wife

Palace Guard Wife

羽 林 骑 闺 人
秋 月 临 高 城
城 中 管 弦 思。
离 人 堂 上 愁
稚 子 阶 前 戏。
出 门 复 映 户
望 望 青 丝 骑。
行 人 过 欲 尽
狂 夫 终 不 至。
左 右 寂 无 言
相 看 共 垂 泪。
Yu Lin Ji Gui Ren

Qiu yue lin gao cheng
Cheng zhong guan xian si.
Li ren tang shang xhou
Zhi zi jie qian xi.

Chu men fu ying hu
Wang wang qing si qi.
Xing ren guo yu jin
Kuang fu zhong bu zhi.
You zuo ji wu yan
Xiang kan gong chui lei.


Palace Guard Wife

Autumn moon overlooks the tall city wall
Middle of the city, woodwind and stringed instrument melodies of longing and separation.
Left inside upper rooms, anxiety and melancholy
Young children play in front of the steps.

Going outside the door again, reflected moon shines back inside
Looking into the distance, empty multicolored silk saddles.
No people walking around outside, unfaithful man still has not come back
The retinue quiet, no one talking, looking at one another, shedding tears together.

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