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Wang Wei: Send Off Imperial Magistrate Tai, Bound For Shang Luo

Send Off Imperial Magistrate Tai, Bound For  Shang Luo

送 李 太 守 赴 上 落
商 山 包 楚 邓
积 翠 蔼 沉 沉。
驿 路 飞 泉 洒
关 门 落 照 深。
野 花 开 古 戊
行 客 响 空 林。
板 屋 春 多 雨
山 城 昼 欲 阴。
丹 泉 通 虢 略
白 羽 抵 荆 岑。
若 见 西 山 爽
应 知 黄 绮 心。
Song Li Tai Shou Fu Shang Luo

Shang shan bao chu deng
Ji cui ai chen chen.
Yi lu fei quan sa
Guan men luo zhao shen.

Ye hua kai gu wu
Xing ke xiang kong ling.
Ban wu chun duo yu
Shan cheng zhou yu yin.

Dan quan tong guo lue
Bai yu di jing cen.
Ruo jian xi shan shuang
Ying zhi huang qi xin.


Send Off Imperial Magistrate Tai, Bound for Shang Luo

Shang Mountain surrounded by Chu and Deng
Lush emerald green grass accumulates heavy and deep.
Post station road, airborne spray near a springhead
Long history for the city gate guard tower.

Wild flowers bloom
Traveling visitors hear their echoes in the empty forest.
A lot of rain falls in spring on the wood board houses
Mountain city wall, the daylight is like shade.

Danquan River leads to Guo Lue
Baiyu goes to Jingcen.
If you can see clear into the eastern mountains
Then you should know the heart and mind of Huan Yi.



Shang Luo:  Modern city in southeast Shaanxi Province.

Chu and Deng: Minor city states in ancient times. Chu existed during the Zhou Dynasty (704-223 BC) in Hubei and Hunan provinces. Deng existed from about 1200 BC to 678 BC.

Baiyu: A modern county in Sichuan Province, and within Greater Tibet.

Huan Yi:  A Qin general during the Warring States period (475-221 BC).

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