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Wang Wei: Three Various Poems

Three Various Poems

Za Shi San Shou
杂 诗 三 首
家 住 孟 津 河
门 对 孟 津 口。
常 有 江 南 船
寄 书 家 中 否?


Jia zhu meng jin he
Men dui meng jin kou.                                                                                                      Chang you jiang nan chuan
Ji shu jia zhong fou?


Your family lives on the Mengjin River
The door faces the river docks.                                                                                    Jiangnan boats constantly come and go
Tell me about the letter I sent to my family.



君 自 故 乡 来
应 知 故 乡 事。
来 日 绮 窗 前
寒 梅 著 花 未?


Jun zi gu xiang lai
Ying zhi gu xiang shi.                                                                                                                Lai ri qi chuang qian
Han mei zhu hua wei ?


You have arrived from our hometown
And should know of hometown affairs.

Stand by the damask-like front windows in the days to come
Is it cold enough to prolong the plum blossoms?



已 见 寒 梅 发
复 闻 啼 鸟 声。                                                                                                    
愁 心 视 春 草
畏 向 阶 前 生。


Yi jian han mei fa
Fu wen ti niao sheng.                                                                                                                  Chou xin shi chun cao
Wei xiang jie qian sheng.


Stop to see the cold plum blossoms unfold
Again hear the singing birds.                                                                                                With a melancholy heart-mind, look upon the spring grasses
Growing fear as they approach the front door steps.



Mengjin River: Located near the city of Luoyang, northwest Henan Province. It was an ancient ferry crossing over the Yellow River, and militarily important and strategic.

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