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Wei Yingwu: By Way of Han Yuguan

By Way of Han Yuguan

经 函 谷 关
洪 河 绝 山 根
单 轨 出 其 侧。
万 古 为 要 枢
往 来 何 时 息?
秦 皇 既 恃 险
海 内 被 吞 食。
及 嗣 同 覆 颠。
咽 喉 莫 能 塞。
炎 灵 讵 西 驾
娄 子 非 经 国。
徒 欲 扼 诸 侯
不 知 恢 至 德。
圣 朝 及 天 宝
豺 虎 起 东 北。
下 沉 战 死 魂
上 结 穷 冤 色。
古 今 虽 共 守
成 败 良 可 识。
藩 屏 无 俊 贤
金 汤 独 何 力!
驰 车 一 登 眺
感 慨 中 自 恻。


Jing Han Gu Guan

Hong he jue shan gen
Dan gui chu qi ce.
Wan gu wei yao shu
Wang lai he shi xi?

Qin huang ji shi xian
Hai nei fei tun shi.
Ji si tong fu dian
Yan hou mo neng sai.

Yan ling ju xi jia
Lou zi bei jing guo.
Tu yu e zhu hou
Bu zhi hui zhi de.

Sheng zhao ji tian bao
Chai hu qi dong bei.
Xia chen zhan si hun
Shang jie qiong yuan se.

Gu jin sui gong shou
Cheng bai liang ke shi.
Fan bing wu jun xian
Jin tang du he li !
Chi che yi deng tiao
Gan kai zhong zi ce.


By Way of Han Yuguan

Yellow River uniquely obscures the foothills
Only a one-lane road goes through this section.
Throughout the ages this travel hub very important
When can those who come and go stop to rest?

Qin Zihuang depended upon this region’s inaccessibility
He could then seize the neighboring states.
Next generation lost this strategic location, advantage became disadvantage.
Could not prevent attacks upon their borders.

Han emperor after victories did not go home
Lonzi was talented, but chose a bad place to locate his new seat of government.
The Han had a stranglehold on control
As well as knowing how to practice virtue.

The superior reign of early Xuanzong later changed
As jackals and tigers arose from the northeast.
Many died during battles, their souls descended
Others bore poverty and injustice.

From ancient to modern times, many have shared and defended this place
But the success of good people more sustaining.
Some fancy, well-built walls without able and virtuous people
Even moats can be without power!
From my carriage ascend and look into the distance
Sight with emotion, sorrow inside myself.



Han Yuguan:  Perhaps also known as Guan Yu (?-220 AD), who lived at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

Qin Zihuang:  (247-220 BC) The first emperor on the Qin Dynasty.

Xuangzong: (685-762) Powerful and long-reigning Tang Dynasty emperor (r. 713-756).

Jackals and tigers: The corrupt,criminal, and dangerous forces and people working behind the emperor.

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