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Wei Yingwu: Cuckoo Bird Cries

Cuckoo Bird Cries

子 规 啼
高 林 滴 露 夏 夜 清
南 山 子 规 啼 一 声。
邻 家 孀 妇 抱 儿 泣
我 独 展 转 何 时 明!
Zi Gui Ti

Gao lin di lu xia ye qing
Nan shan zi gui ti yi sheng.                                                                                                      Lin jia shuang fu bao er qi
Wo du zhan zhuan he shi ming.


Cuckoo Bird Cries

Tall forest, clear summer night with dripping dew
Southern mountain cuckoo bird sounds one after another.

Neighbor’s house frosty, widowed mother embraces her child with tears
I toss and turn alone in bed, how to make known these times.



Cuckoo birds: They symbolized the expression, “Come back to me”.



Wei is also thinking of his deceased spouse.

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