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Wei Yingwu: Feng River, Send This to You Xia

Feng River, Send to You Xia

沣 上 寄 幼 遐
寂 寞 到 城 阙
惆 怅 返 柴 荆。
端 居 无 所 为
念 子 远 徂 征。
夏 昼 人 已 息
我 怀 独 未 宁。
忽 从 东 斋 起
兀 兀 寻 涧 行。
罥 罣 丛 榛 起
披 玩 孤 花 明。
旷 然 西 南 望
一 极 山 水 情。
周 览 同 游 处
逾 恨 阻 音 形。
壮 图 非 旦 夕
君 子 勤 令 名。
勿 复 久 留 燕
磋 砣 在 北 京。


Feng Shang Ji You Xia

Ji mo dao cheng que
Chou chang fan chai jing.
Duan ju wu suo wei
Nian zi yuan cu zheng

Xia zhou ren yi xi
Wo huai du wei ning.
Hu cong dong zhai qi
Wu wu xun jian hang

Juan gua cong zhen qi
Pi wan gu hua ming.
Kuang ran xi nen wang
Yi ji shan shui qing.

Zhou lan tong you chu
Yu hen zu yin xing.
Zhuang tu fei dan xi
Jun zi qin ling ming.
Wu fu jiu liu yan
Cuo tuo zai bei jing.


Feng River, Send This to You Xia

Lonely and silent, arrived from Chang’an
Disappointed and sorry, came to a place made of firewood and branches.
Safe place to live, but not enough to do
Thinking of you traveling so far away.

Late summer evening, people already at rest
My heart has yet to calm down.
Suddenly arise, go to the eastern altar
Half awake, follow and wander along water into a ravine.

Concerned about dense and thick hanging hazelnuts
Play with a bright solitary and unfolding flower.
Relaxed, gaze into the distance to the southwest
One of the best mountain and river emotions.

Look at the same places we traveled to
Regret being blocked from visiting each other.
Being strong and altruistic not accomplished in one day
You are working hard and making new friends.
But do lnot stay too long in Hebei
And then idle away time in Beijing.



Feng River:  Tributary to the Wei River, a major river that is tributary to the Yellow River.

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