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Wei Yingwu: Idle Rich Nobility

Idle Rich Nobility

贵 游 行
汉 帝 外 家 子
恩 泽 少 封 侯。
垂 杨 拂 白 马
晓 日 上 青 楼。
上 有 颜 如 玉
高 情 世 无 俦。
轻 裾 含 碧 烟
窈 窕 以 云 浮。
良 时 无 还 景
促 节 为 我 讴。
忽 闻 艳 阳 曲
四 坐 亦 已 柔。
宾 友 仰 称 叹
一 生 何 所 求。
平 明 击 钟 食
入 夜 乐 未 休。
风 雨 愆 岁 候
兵 戈 横 九 州。
焉 知 座 上 客
草 草 心 所 忧。
Gui You Xing

Han di wai jia zi
En ze shao feng hou.
Chui yang fu bai ma
Xiao ri shang qing lou.

Shang you yan ru yu
Gao qing shi wu chou.
Qing ju han bi yan
Yao tiao yi yun fu.

Liang shi wu huan jing
Cu jie wei wo ou.
Hu wen yan yang qu
Si zuo yi yi rou.

Bin you yang chen tan
Yi sheng he suo qiu.
Ping ming ji zhong shi
Ru ye le wei xiu.

Feng yu qian sui hou
Bing ge heng jiu zhou.
Yan zhi zuo shang ke
Cao cao xin suo you.

Idle Rich Nobility

Outside the Han emperor family clan
From imperial kindness and beneficence, they received their titles of nobility.
Poplar trees hanging down, riding their white horses
Dawn’s early light above young concubines’ tower.

The colors and appearance of jade
High society emotions without parallel.
Thin blouses contain a bluish-green mist
Gentle and graceful like floating clouds.

They want to hold back the hands of time, believing these good times will never end
Being close to festivals makes them all sing.
Suddenly the music changes, hear sunny and radiant songs
Those sitting around also gently restful.

Guests and friends look up and sigh with approval
What a life, cannot ask for anything more.
Struck temple bells not required, meals served at any time
Into the evening the music has not stopped.

Winds and rainy seasons pass by their deadlines
Soldiers and weapons from east to west across several provinces.
How can these people here know what is going on
Careless hearts-minds now in a place of sorrow and anxiety.


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