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Wei Yingwu: Mail Off to My Relatives

Mail Off to My Relatives

寄 诸 弟
岁 暮 干 戈 乱 京 国
帛 书 间 道 访 存 亡。
还 信 忽 从 天 上 落
唯 知 彼 此 泪 千 行。
Ji Zhu Di

Sui mu gan ge luan jing guo
Bo shu jian dao fang cun wang.                                                                                          Huan xin hu cong tian shang luo
Wei zhi bi ci lei qian xing.


Mail Off to My Relatives

This year drawing to a close, weapons of war and rebellion in the capital
and throughout the country
Wrote this letter on silk, then take this letter along a short cut to see who
has survived and who has died.                                                                                    Suddenly get a return correspondence as if it fell out of heaven
Find out everyone is safe, their tears for me and my long travels.

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