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Wei Yingwu: Scheduled Day Off

Scheduled Day Off, Return to the East, In My Hometown Show This to My Brother Duan

休 沐 东 还 胄 贵 里 示 端
宦 游 三 十 载
田 野 久 已 疏。
休 沐 遂 兹 日
一 来 还 故 墟。
山 明 宿 雨 霁
风 暖 百 卉 舒。
泓 泓 野 泉 结
熠 熠 林 光 初。
竹 木 稍 摧 翳
园 场 亦 荒 芜。
俯 惊 鬓 已 衰
周 览 昔 所 娱。
存 没 恻 私 怀
迁 变 伤 里 闾
欲 言 少 留 心
中 复 畏 简 书。
世 道 良 自 退
荣 名 亦 空 虚。
与 子 终 携 手
岁 晏 当 来 居。


Xiu Mu Dong Huan Zhou Gui Li Shi Duan

Huan you san shi zai
Tian ye jiu yi shu.
Xiu mu sui zi ri
Yi lai huan gu xu.

Shan ming su yu ji
Feng nuan bai hui shu.
Hong hong ye quan jie
Yi yi lin guang chu.

Zhu mu shao cui yi
Yuan chang yi huang wu.
Fu jing bin yi shuai
Zhou lan xi suo yu.

Cun mo ce si huai
Qian bian shang li lu.
Yu yan shao liu xin
Zhong fu wei jian shu.

Shi dao liang zi tui
Rong ming yi kong xu.
Yu zi zhong xie shou
Sui yan dang lai ju.


Scheduled Day Off, Return to the East, In My Hometown Show This To My Brother Duan

For thirty years I have been on official travels
For a long time these fields and open country seemed scattered and confused.
Happy for this day off
Upon my arrival notice our old houses.

Overnight rain clears up to yield bright mountains
Relaxing warm breezes and many grasses.
Deep clear water, wild spring waters pure
Radiant and brilliant light just beginning to enter the forests.

Bamboo and trees not pruned but thick
Garden spots also overgrown with weeds.
They are startled to see my temple hair so thin
Look all around at the old places where I used to play.

Some things remain concealed, a privately sad heart
Painful to see so many have gone away.
Trying to find words, but so few remain in my heart
Deep inside I fear receiving another government order.

Society on a pathway that compels good people to retire in seclusion
Fame and honor also empty and false.
Eventually my brother and I will finish hand in hand
By year’s end I should come back to live here.

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