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Wei Yingwu: Send As a Gift to Feng Zhu

Send As a Gift to Feng Zhu

赠 冯 著
契 阔 仕 两 京
念 子 亦 飘 蓬。
方 来 属 追 往
十 载 事 不 同。
岁 晏 乃 云 至
微 褐 还 未 充。
惨 凄 游 子 情
风 雪 自 关 东。
华 觞 发 欢 颜
嘉 藻 播 清 风。
始 此 盈 抱 恨
旷 然 一 夕 中。
善 蕴 岂 轻 售
怀 才 希 国 工。
谁 当 念 素 士
零 落 岁 华 空。


Zeng Feng Zhu

Qi kuo shi liang jing
Nian zi yi piao peng.
Fang lai shu zhui wang
Shi zai shi bu tong.

Sui yan nai yun zhi
Wei he huan wei chong.
Can qi you zi qing
Feng xue zi guan dong.

Hua shang fa huan yan
Jia zao bo qing feng.
Shi ci ying bao hen
Kuang ran yi xi zhong.

Shan yun qi qing shou
Huai cai xi guo gong.
Shei dang nian su shi
Ling luo sui hua kong.


Send As a Gift to Feng Zhu

We have worked together in both capitals
Think we are both like two tumbleweeds.
You arrived shortly after my wife’s memorial
After ten years our circumstances not the same.

End of the year, you come here inside a cloud
Do not think your coarse clothing sufficient for winter.
As people travel away from home, cold and tragic feelings
Your native place, Guandong, with wind and snow.

Finally my bags full of resentment
Then in one day, relaxation and release.
Your wisdom and virtue can be exchanged for a high price
With your talent you can hold out for a high government position.
Who should not be deceived by your simple and scholarly circumstances
Season when things wither and fall away, people like you have to be patient.



Both capitals: Ancient cities of Chang’an (Xi’an) and Luoyang.

Guangdong: Province in southern China.

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