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Wei Yingwu: Send As a Gift to Staff Assistant Wang

Send As a Gift to Staff Assistant Wang

赠 王 诗 御
心 同 野 鹤 与 尘 远
诗 似 冰 壶 见 底 清。
府 县 同 趋 昨 日 事
升 沉 不 改 故 人 情。
上 阳 秋 晚 萧 萧 雨
洛 水 寒 来 夜 夜 声。
自 叹 犹 为 折 腰 吏
可 怜 骢 马 路 傍 行。
Zeng Wang Shi Yu

Xin tong ye he yu chen yuan
Shi si bing hu jian di qing.
Fu xian tong qu zuo ri shi
Sheng chen bu gai gu ren qing.

Shang yang qiu wan xiao xiao yu
Luo shui han lai ye ye sheng.
Zi tan you wei she yao li
Ke lian cong ma lu bang xing.


Send As a Gift to Staff Assistant Wang

Heart-mind same as a wild crane, remote from worldly affairs
Poetry like a jade pot, clear all the way down to the bottom.
Working together in a county government office, working on yesterday’s projects
We get promoted and then demoted, our old friend feelings never change.

Shang Yang palace in late autumn, sounds of rain and rustling wind
Evening sounds as the cold Luo River arrives.
Naturally recite poetry like when Tao Yuanming refused to dress up to meet
his moral inferiors
Too bad we have to pull to the side of the road when piebald horses pass by.



Luo River:  Tributary to the Yellow River in Henan Province.

Tao Yuanming: (365-427)  Famous Eastern Jin Dynasty poet. His translated poetry and biographical information can also be found on this website.

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