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Wei Yingwu: Send Off Zheng Changyuan

Send Off Zheng Changyuan

送 郑 长 愿
少 年 一 相 见
飞 辔 河 洛 间。
欢 游 不 知 罢
中 路 忽 言 还。
泠 泠 鹍 弦 哀
悄 悄 冬 夜 闲。
丈 夫 虽 耿 介
远 别 多 苦 颜。
君 行 拜 高 堂
速 驾 难 久 攀。
鸡 鸣 俦 侣 发
朔 雪 满 河 关。
须 臾 在 今 夕
樽 酌 且 循 环。
Song Zheng Chang Yuan

Shao nian yi xiang jian
Fei pei he luo jian.
Huan you bu zhi ba
Zhong lu hu yan huan.

Ling ling kun xian ai
Qiao qiao dong ye xian.
Zhang fu sui geng jie
Yuan bie duo ku yan.

Jun xing bai gao tang
Su jia nan jiu pan.
Ji ming chou lu fa
Shuo xue man he guan.
Xu yu zai jin xi
Zun zhuo qie xun huan.


Send Off Zheng Changyuan

Early in our youth we saw a lot of each other
Rode our horses between the Pei and Luo rivers.
So happy to be on the go, did not know how to stop and rest
Down the highway we ignored the words to return.

Tendons and ligaments from the kun bird produce sorrow-filled sounds
that are melodious and clear
Winter quietude, evening leisures.
Even though you are honest and straight
Makes our departure more full of tears.

You travel to go see your parents
Palace carriages move so swift, for a long time difficult to follow.
Companions leave when the chickens crow
Northern snow fills the rivers and mountain passes.
Today’s sunset coming on fast
Pass around another round of wine.



Pei River: Ancient name for the now Hai River. It connects the cites of Beijing and Tianjin.

Luo River: Tributary to the Yellow River in Henan Province.

Kun bird:  Mythological giant fish that transforms into a bird. Famously written about in the beginning of Zhuangzi’s Inner Chapters.

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