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Wei Yingwu: Travel to Guang Ling

Travel to Guang Ling

广 陵 行
雄 藩 镇 楚 郊
地 势 郁 岧 峣。
双 旌 拥 万 戟
中 有 霍 嫖 姚。
海 云 助 兵 气
宝 货 益 军 饶。
严 城 动 寒 角
晚 骑 踏 霜 桥。
翕 习 英 豪 集
振 奋 士 卒 骁。
列 郡 何 足 数
趋 拜 等 卑 僚。
日 晏 方 云 罢
人 逸 马 萧 萧。
忽 如 京 洛 间
游 子 风 尘 飘。
归 来 视 宝 剑
功 名 岂 一 朝。
Guang Ling Xing

Xiong fan zhen chu jiao
Di shi yu tiao yao
Shuang jing yong wan ji
Zhong you huo piao yao.

Hai yun zhu bing qi
Bao huo yi jun rao.
Yan cheng dong han jiao
Wan qi ta shuang qiao.

Xi xi ying hao ji
Zhen fen shi zu xiao.
Lie jun he zu shu
Qu bai deng bei liao.

Ri yan fang yun ba
Ren yi ma xiao xiao.
Hu ru jing luo jian
You zi feng chen piao.
Gui lai shi bao jian
Gong ming qi yi zhao.


Travel to Guang Ling

Powerful fortifications around the Chu capital outskirts
Elevated ground with a powerful position.
Pair of memorial archways and banners protect ten thousand halberds
At the center General Huo Piaoyao.

Ocean clouds help military morale
Valuables and goods increase army wealth.
Tight security at the city walls from every cold corner
Evenings I ride or walk over frosted bridges.

The bold and powerful gather here to practice their warfare arts
With force and spirit, the intellectuals and valiant soldiers.
An array of prefectures beyond counting
The low and humble seek to participate in the business activities.

Late in the afternoons their dust finally settles
People can relax, horses quietly neigh.
Suddenly I leave Luoyang to arrive at this capital
I come in like dust on the wind.
Looking around, only see double-edged swords
Cannot create success and fame in just one day.



Guang Ling:  Historical name for the city of Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province.

Chu capital: Ancient kingdom of Chu (704-223 BC) that included the current provinces of Hunan and Hubei, and parts of several others.

General Huo Piaoyao: Also known as Huo Qubing (140-117 BC). Lived during the Western Zhou Dynasty. Died at the age of 24 as one of the most decorated generals in Chinese history.

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