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Yang Wanli: Linked Poem With Li Tianlin: Two Poems

A Linked Poem with Li Tianlin: Two Poems

和 李 天 麟: 二 首
学 诗 须 透 脱
信 手 自 孤 高。
衣 钵 无 千 古
丘 山 只 一 毛。
句 中 池 有 草
字 外 目 俱 蒿。
可 口 端 何 似?
霜 螯 略 带 糟。
He Li Tian Lin: Er Shou

Xue shi xu tou tuo
Xin shou zi gu gao.
Yi bo wu qian gu
Qiu shan zhi yi mao.

Ju zhong chi you cao
Zi wai mu ju hao.
Ke kou duan he si?
Shuang ao lue dai zao.


A Linked Poem with Li Tianlin: Two Poems


To learn poetry one must be clear and unattached
Your writing prowess naturally proud and elevated.
Unlike bestowing to future generations clothes and earthen bowls, your works not a copy of the many ancient styles
Knowledge of one feather alone not enough, must learn of mountains and rice fields.

Every line of poetry should have the fresh and naturalness of ponds and grasses
Each word to express both human and non-human like the wormwood plant that feeds many.
Why not write of simple things from the source?
Autumn crayfish need to be flavored with vinegar.


句 法 天 难 秘
工 夫 予 但 加。
参 时 且 柏 树
悟 罢 岂 桃 花。
要 共 东 西 玉
其 如 南 北 涯。
肯 来 谈 个 事
分 坐 白 鸥 沙。

Ju fa tian nan mi
Gong fu yu dan jia.
Can shi qie bai shu
Wu ba qi tao hua.

Yao gong dong xi yu
Qi ru nan bei ya.
Ken lai tan ge shi
Fen zuo bai ou sha.



Sentence structures not arcane or difficult to learn
All in good time one’s mastery will develop and emerge.
From the region of cedar trees lies the origin and reference points
Completion of self-awareness is enough to enter the peach blossom orchards.

Want a combination of western and eastern jade cups
It is like southern and northern shores without separation and limits.
Can you agree for us to get together and talk
We can sit like two white seagulls on the sand.



Peach blossom orchards: Refers to a poem written by Tao Yuanming with a glimpse of what paradise looks like. It can be found on this website with the title of “Peach Blossom Water Source”. Wang Wei wrote on this theme, with his poem titled “Journey to the Source of the Peach Blossom River”, also on this website. The peach blossom orchards, or river source, is a recurring literary allusion and source of poetry across the centuries of ancient Chinese poetry.

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