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Yang Wanli: Stay Overnight at Long Hui

Stay Overnight at Long Hui

宿 龙 回
大 熟 虚 成 喜
微 生 亦 可 嗟。
禾 头 已 生 耳
雨 脚 尚 如 麻。
顷 者 官 收 米
精 于 玉 绝 瑕。
四 山 云 又 合
奈 尔 老 农 家!
Su Long Hui

Da shu xu cheng xi
Wei sheng yi ke jie.
He tou yi sheng er
Yu jiao shang ru ma.

Qing zhe guan shou mi
Jing yu yu jue xia.
Si shan yun you he
Nai er lao nong jia!


Stay Overnight in Long Hui

Planted hoping for a large harvest, now these hopes all in vain
Peasant lives also full of lament.
Autumn grains already have a fungus disease
Traces of raindrops enough to create a cover like burlap.

The tax collector officials will soon ask for their payments in grain
But now the best rice too flawed to satisfy these tax collectors.
Clouds surround the mountains on all four sides
How can these old farmer households survive this!



Long Hui: Area in Hunan Province.

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